Enviro Water International (Pvt) Ltd

Enviro Water International (Pvt) Ltd

Enviro Water International (Pvt) Ltd is a subsidiary of Enviro Water Systems (Pvt) Ltd Sri Lanka.

The company has over 18 years expriance in the water & wastewater treatment industry and is a leading water & wastewater treatment solution provider with a proven track record.

Enviro Water International was founded with the aim of serving the needs of international clients with greater attention and according to the regulatory systems of each country.

All products and solutions offered under Enviro Water Systems are available from Enviro water International (Pvt) Ltd.

Our Solutions ➤


Providing the best water and wastewater solutions to customers worldwide with more focus blend with cutting-edge technology and world-renowned brands to coincide with the country's regulatory systems


Our mission is to provide clean water to people and industries, educate them and save the world's water by making any wastewater reusable.

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We have almost serve many of the world leading companies Find our client list
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Call us : +94 72 697 6217, +94 77 312 2701Email Us: international@envirows.com